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AdventistWheat Publishing is a committed book ministry, dedicated to spreading the goodness of the Everlasting Gospel (by street & mail), while focusing on righteousness by faith, Yeshua’s most precious message.

16 Replies to “Character Purity Ministries”

  1. Just writing to let you know about TABS: Traditional Adventist Bloggers Society. It’s a way to network and connect those who hold to traditional Adventist beliefs.

    Check it out at

    Thanks, Todd G

  2. Sabbay,

    It is truly a blessing to visit your Blog site. I am a Seventh-day Adventist and I understand the need of constant study, regarding forthcoming events. We are living in very serious times, warranting that all study, becoming cognizant of the Mark of the Beast, Enforced Sunday (Revelations 13:11-18). Christ is prepared to return for His remnant (Revelations 14:14-16).

    Kind regards,


  3. Sabbay,

    A wonderful job! I am earnestly seeking the return of the Messiah also. I do compliment you on your thorough work, as you appear to have researched and completed the task of providing a well-rounded blog.


  4. Sabbay,

    This site has so much relating to the Sealing message, I am so happy that I found it. Christ is coming soon and I am a witness, testifying that the EARLY AND LATTER RAIN IS TRULY OUTPOURING FROM YOUR MINISTRY (Hosea 6:3, Joel 2:23, Zechariah 10:1, Ephesians 4:30, James 5:7, Revelation 7:1-4).

  5. Sabbay,

    I joined your Facebook Group entitled Adventist Wheat Ministries and I am so happy as the articles are up-to-date and inspring, I absolutely love it. God is using you in a phenomenal way, please keep me in your prayers. For anyone that wants to join this group, please do as it is so uplifting, and there is another group linked to this entitled Adventist Wheat Prayer Warriors, where folks can publically request prayer, and the Adventist Prayer Warriors respond:

  6. Sister Sabby
    I need a New King James Version Bible. Can you Send me one to my address:
    Stanley Sony Irwin
    House# 76/1,
    K,c Ray Road#1
    Rangpur City
    Rangpur – 5400

  7. Hello Sabbay, just came upon your site, beautiful. It’s so nice to see the bedrock of the original truth of Jesus being proclaimed. Today, there is such a diluting and compromising of the faith with the world, even in the church itself. But, as prophesied.

    I believe the great time of trouble is just around the corner and we living today will see it.

    Keep pushing forward!


  8. Short Story: Where Are You God?
    Where Are You God? God There So many Children’s Crying Seeking For Love. God There So many Children’s Wondering the Street Children’s asking there self who really do love me?
    Father God in Heaven Why Don’t Parents takes time to Play with There children’s. Take Time to say I Love you?
    Father God in Heaven Why don’t Parents Take Time to look in there Children’s Eyes & See Children’s Smile. & See how much Love they have there Heart to give to there Parents. Father God Children’s is the best Teacher to Parents about Life, About Wonders of This World. Father God in heaven. Father God in heaven Children’s Has So many topic about this World. Children’s even ask where you are God, who are you God. Are you real God?
    Father God in Haven Do my Parents really pray for me? The family that prays together stays together
    Father God why do my Parents Have to Work so hard & to tired to play with me or help me with my home Work.
    Psalm 127: 3Sons are indeed a heritage from the LORD,
    the fruit of the womb a reward.
    4Like arrows in the hand of a warrior
    are the sons of one’s youth.
    Wrote By Prayerwarrior

    1. prayerwarrior: You must never doubt that God loves you, far beyond what you will ever know.

      God works in ways infinitely beyond human understanding for He sees your entire life and will do only what is good for your life and many times, by human vision, it may not be what you expected.

      Always trust in Jesus, never let doubt even enter.

      God Bless!

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