2009 October 22nd A Sanctuary Cleansed, A Sealed Remnant

By Dionne Sabbay Thompson October 4th, 2009


Christ Great High Priest

Character Purity Radio Show:  A Cleansed Sanctuary, A Sealed Righteous Remnant

It is proven that God’s righteous harvest are currently holding up the return of Christ 2Pet. 3:12-15, Rev. 19:11-16. Substantiating this claim, below is a small extract with a link to a Biblically cited composition, exposing that once the Sanctuary is fully cleansed, then the people of God will be all SEALED, fixed on Christ, manifesting His character perfectly, victoring over sin causing the close of Probation for the World, loosening the winds of Strife, the outpouring of the seven last plagues onto planet earth Rev. 7:1-4, 16:1-21, 22:11.


Daniel 8:14 is the foundation for the Adventist Movement, edifying the populace about the 2300 days and the cleansing of the Heavenly Sanctuary. Through this knowledge God was able to bring His people to the knowledge of His movement from Apartment one to Apartment two of the Heavenly Sanctuary. Within Ancient Israel, the children were warned ten days in advance before the day of atonement, and consequently, all sinners would be free from sin, by means of the Sanctuary’s cleansing by the High Priest, a Levite. God is now prepared to cleanse the Heavenly Sanctuary completely from sin, however, He requires that His righteous remnant, by way of His righteousness, manifest VICTORY OVER SIN in the Most Holy Place 1John 3:9.

God sent a message through William Miller, a great stream of light emerged from the throne of God Rev. 10:1-3, 14:6-7. However, sadly, Our Great High Priest has not achieved His purpose of completely cleansing His people and their bodies from sin, as many are still holding on to sin, failing to utilize His perfect, righteousness imputed, given, in order to obtain victory from iniquity’s destructivity Matt. 5:48, Gal. 3:24, Phil. 3:9-11. Human bodies are a manifestation of the temple of God 1Cor. 6:19. God requires that the Adventist world, those awaiting Christ’s return, His second coming, take heed, reproducing the character of Christ Rev. 14:4. From 1831 to present, the responsibility has been ours, as we can be empowered by the Holy Spirit, allow Yeshua to cleanse and perfect us Matt. 5:48.

Chapter 24 of the Great Controversy discusses the Holy of Holies. “Thy way oh God is in the Sanctuary…” Psa. 77:13. God begins His work in the Sanctuary, as it was created to prevent sin from re-entering into our lives, and it will be used to show the heart of God’s government. Great Controversy 423 denotes that Christ now is in the second apartment, which opens the mystery of the fall of 1844, more specifically October 22nd of that year, illustrating that Christ, the Great High Priest, is engaged in a cleansing process. Our patient, compassionate Magnificent, High Priest will soon be appearing as King and Deliverer Heb. 6:20, 8:3-4. God aims to deliver all His inhabitants of earth from sin 1Thess. 5:23, Jude 1:24-15.

The second advent of Christ will involve His return for His righteous remnant Rev. 14:14-16. His people are His temple, and for the Holy Spirit to dwell in them, they must be refined, character perfect, and sin-free Matt. 5:48, 1John 3:9, Christ Object Lessons page 330, SDA Bible Commentary volume 6 page 1096, Testimonies for the Church volume 3 page 43. Daniel 8:14 foretells the cleansing of the Heavenly Sanctuary. Within Matthew 25, Christ instructed the Adventist believers to prepare for His return. This symbol of a perfect marriage union described by Christ is a powerful parable relating to the Adventist world, those awaiting Christ’s return Eph. 5:21-31. Daniel 8:14, 7:13 Malachi 3 and Matthew 25, point to work that needs to be completed by Christ through His people regarding their cleansing before He can return, as He can not return before such is complete on earth, as WHO WILL HE BE RETURNING TO REAP. Christ is thus preparing us for His second coming, His reaping of a righteous harvest Rev. 14:14-16. Christ will not return if His people are not ready, thus His righteous harvest have been delaying His return Rev. 7:1-4, Early Writings page 36:38.

The Advent believers must understand the work and Ministry of Christ, being revived by the Holy Spirit, moving forward conquering sin and perfecting character. Accepting knowledge, greater light will emerge once one permits God to draw them to Present Truth. The first angel’s message pointed to God’s forthcoming, cleansing work in the Most Holy Place Hebrews 6:20, 8:3-4.

Daniel 8:14 and Revelation 14:6 run parallel. The message of Daniel 8:14 is to prepare a people for Revelation 14:6, the cleansing of the Heavenly Sanctuary. Christ was represented by the Prophet Daniel, as many of Daniel’s writings were not understood by this prophet of God, but he obeyed the word of the Lord, fainting at consumed knowledge Dan. 8:27. God was showing Daniel that an event would occur, taking 2300 years to accomplish its works. God gave Daniel the vision, as a means of pointing to Christ’s future purpose of cleansing the Heavenly Sanctuary from all sin.

Regarding the Great Controversy, God’s accomplishment will not be achieved by use of force, as God has given his subjects free will (Desire of Ages pages 22, 759). By history, God’s people have proven to not be prepared to embrace the return of Christ. By Faith, Christ’s people must follow the directions of the Great High Priest, abstaining from sin, as He seeks to completely cleanse the Heavenly Sanctuary. It is in fact those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life that are currently polluting the Heavenly Sanctuary’s Most Holy Apartment. Our characters thus must be purified by the sprinkling of the Blood of Christ. God’s remnant must put away sin, victoring over its demonic power, choosing to stand for Christ, wearing His righteous robe Phil. 3:9-11, Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers page 91-92, 506. They must offer unto the Lord an offering of Righteousness: their impurities must be purged by God the Father, the Husbandman, and Pruner John 15:1-7. God’s people must reach the condition that Adam manifested before sin entered the earth, as before Adam sinned, he did not require a Mediator Heb. 4:16. If Christ did not intercede after Adam sinned, he would have died instantly. Humans thus, must reach CHARACTER PERFECTION, as sin whenever it is finished, brings forth death, and the righteous harvest will live to see the return of Christ James 1:17, Rev. 6:17, 7:1-4.

The righteous remnant’s robes must be purged and spotless, as they can be conquerors through the battle of evil, victoring over sin Titus 2:11. There must be a diligent effort to pray and reach the purpose of fixing our minds on Christ at all times, praying and receiving His grace (Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers page 445). The righteous harvest must be diligent in their Christian walk, on guard, resisting temptation James 4:7. They must through the grace of God, continue in an effort, reproducing the character of Christ Rev. 14:1-4. God can not resist temptation for us, as it would not assist with the righteous remnant’s character development and their required vindication of His government and character. There is a special work of purification, a putting away sin, evidenced in the THREE ANGELS’ MESSAGES AND LOUD CRY Rev. 14:1-13, 18:1-4.

Yeshua OUR GREAT, MAGNIFICENT HIGH PRIEST is now, at work, patiently cleansing our sins from the Heavenly Sanctuary, a special work of purification Psa. 77:13, Heb. 6:20, 8:3-4. Let us follow in His perfect ways, putting on His righteous garments, hastening His return to reap us as His righteous harvest 2Pet. 3:12-15, Rev. 14:14-16.


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