Redeemed by Christ

by Sister Sabbay ( September 26th, 2008 )

How Can I Be Redeemed From The Earth?

For the love of Christ constraineth us; because we thus judge, that if one died for all, then were all dead: And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again

(2Cor 5:14,15).

Christ has complete jurisdiction over all humanity.  Federally, Christ became one with Us, taking on our humanity.  Emmanuel meaning God is with us, as the Father was with Christ while the Savior was on this earth.  Romans 1 edifies the purpose of God, as an eternal purpose, thus identifying the connection between God and man. Christ became the Second and Last Adam,  helping us while under the Law, by means of transgression, ( Gal 4:4, 1Cor 15:45-58 ). Within the premier chapter of Romans, we become privy to the writings of all the Prophets compiled by the Apostle Paul who captures the essence of the Everlasting Gospel.  The apostle Paul’s thinking appeared to be highly complex as per a fellow disciple.   Peter edifies that we must be cautious while studying the apostle Paul’s writings, as misunderstandings of such can lead to our own destruction (2 Peter 3:16).   Peter explains further that we must take time when studying the writings of the apostle Paul, as they can be a detriment to our soul salvation.

Eph 3:10,11 teaches that God attempts to make known the wisdom of Christ and its eternal purpose.  As overcomers what remains difficult to worldians can be easily understood through the Holy Spirit’s assistance with discernment.  Such complex Truth can be made easy by grace through faith in the Righteousness of Christ ( Eph 2:8 ).  The knowledge of God allowed the apostle Paul to understand and enlighten those that are grounded in Christ, in these precious Last Days.  Rom 8:3 edifies that Christ had to come in the flesh in order to identify with us, granting us Victory over sin, while in the likeness of mankind.  Christ provided us a solution for sin, as He was made of the seed of David according to the flesh, made in the likeness of mankind.  Meeting us at such a point was essential since that was and is where sin exists, in sinful fallen flesh.

Hebrews 1 while teaching that Jesus is God, leads us right into Hebrews 2:9  as God was made a little lower than the angels:  He tasted death for all mankind.  Death on earth did not exist until adam sinned.  Christ was made for the suffering of death, made in fallen flesh that contains death:  He was made a little lower than angels, following adam’s transgression.   We must understand the human nature that Christ had when he was made sin, tasting death for every human.  2 Cor 5 aligning with Hebrews 2:9, edifying that Christ was made a little lower than angels as all are subject to death.  As Christ was raised from the dead, all that are found righteous by faith will too be raised in redeemed bodies, resurrected spiritually and eternally.  Mankind must taste death because of sin.   Selfishness is the root cause of death.  However, those that accept Christ’s death, resurrection and purposeful Victory, will rise with Him.

Rom 5:12,18 exhibits the purpose of God, showing us that we become one with Christ “Emmanuel, God with us”, once we place our trust fully in Christ, obeying and remaining faithful:  we will be redeemed from this earth.  Heb 2:10-18 teaches that we can be made perfect by the process of suffering, persecution (Mal  3:1-3).  Using the analogy of a furnace, once enough heat  is applied to the furnace, gold or silver can become refined.  Subsequently such a process removes all waste matter, simply by increasing the temperature of the furnace.  Similarly, the more we grow and mature in Christ, the more intense the tests may become.  “Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works” (Tit 2:14).

Heb 5:8 edifies that although Christ was made perfect, persecution through trials was necessary in order to refine His human Character.  Currently, the financial instability in our world is a test.  However, the crashing of the stock market and collapsing of the economic system’s act of shaking our faith, reveals that our confidence is in worldly possessions.  Thus we must rest fully in the Lord, as the time is coming that we, the righteous, will not be able to buy or sell.  More specifically, in recovery of Pagan Rome’s Sunday Persecutory acts from the 4th century, the Roman Catholic Church’s Papacy, the first Beast , will join with America’s Protestant Entites, the second Beast, forbidding 7th-day Sabbath rest.  Under the reign of Lucifer, a fallen covering Cherub, 7th-day Sabbath keepers will be persecuted for refusing ENFORCED SUNDAY PAGAN WORSHIP, 666, THE MARK OF THE BEAST,  ( Eze 28:14-15, Rev 13:1-18 ).

We are all sinful and fallen in nature, requiring sanctification.  As per the apostle Paul, Christ was not ashamed to be called one with us.  Human beings are flesh and blood and Christ took part of the same, destroying satan’s power over death (Heb 2:14,15).  It is the fear of death that keeps us in bondage to sin, thus our earthly desires and appetite must be fully submitted to God, as Christ has delivered us from the bondage of sin.  It was adam’s fear of losing eve that motivated him to hunger and thirst, leading him to the transgression of God’s law.  God has promised the righteous the bread of eternal life, hidden manna, coriander seed, honey wafers (Exo 16:31, John 6:58,  Rev 2:17).

Christ taking on the form of an angel would not have been helpful to mankind, as Christ had to be made even lower than angels, reconciling with humans.  Beginning with Abraham, Christ took on the seed of Abraham, rescuing us from sinful, fallen, degenerate nature.   Following Adam’s sin, mankind was lost, but Christ redeemed us as the last Adam.  Christ became like us in all things in order to make a reconciliation for the sins of all people.  In order to reconcile with mankind, He became a man, Emmanuel, God with us.  The only way that one can identify with someone fully, is if one has experienced the same life trials.  Once we are born of the Spirit of Christ, in His Infinite, Perfection; we take on His Divine Righteous nature by Faith.


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