Reformed Health

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

(1Cor 6:19 KJV).

by Dionne Sabbay Thompson


Recent news relating to the outbreak of SWINEFLU appears to be dominating the airwaves as many have been infected by this horrific influenza virus.  Separation from the Savior and the degenerative sin problem is at the root of the increasing maladies within society, which will worsen extending into the seven last plagues, following the close of the world’s probation (Revelation 16:1-21, 22:11).  Life will continue to become more medically complex while fallen man searches for solutions to the increase of epidemics and pandemics.  The answer to these diseases rooted in such a sin problem is clearly found in the Spirit of Prophecy’s  MINISTRY OF HEALING by a prophetess, EGW; as life will become more complex as iniquity ripens, unto the coming of our Lord, Yeshua, Jesus Christ (2Pet. 3:12-18, 1John 3:8, Rev. 14:16-20).

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“It is not God’s purpose that any human being should yield his mind and will to the control of another, becoming a passive instrument in his hands.  No one is to merge his individuality in that of another.  He is not to look to any human being as the source of healing.  His dependence  must be in God.  In the dignity of his God-given manhood he is to be controlled by God Himself, not by any human intelligence”
(  Ministry of Healing pg. 98 ).

8 Replies to “Reformed Health”

    1. Mike,

      Thanks for your time and comment. All Glory be to God, as we continue Perfecting Characters, aligning with Christ, while clothed with His Perfect Righteousness (Matthew 5:48, Philippians 3:9).

      Lift up Jesus Christ 🙂

  1. I worked like a dog from 14 until 46. I lost an eye on the job at 38 years old. I was a mechanic and began to have some trouble with my vision in my remaining eye at 46. I went to see if I needed glasses and the doctor when he saw me seemed very bothered and started me on drops and made me promise to see a specialist. I did and he was unable to help and my vision was getting worse. I could not find tools and bolts I laid in the floor. Finally I was sent to another specialist the diagnosed me with a rare blinding disease that is incurable. They began treatments and surgery to try to slow the process and was having limited success. I was informed I would need another surgery. I was scared..Real scared..I began to feel I was going to have a heart attack the closer the surgery date came…Until the night before the surgery..I awoke in the night to see two cloaked figures standing over me. I heard no words. one touched my arm and told me all would be ok. I have always been a tense person but that calm has been with me since. The nurses commented on how calm I was..I knew it would be ok as I was told! The surgery was successful but not quite right. I had one more after that and now my vision seems to improve by the day! I have always felt strongly in my belief of God, But it wasn’t until I made changes in my self that true vision was returned. Before the visit It came to my mind be healed by the level of your faith. I know it was Jesus that has saved me!

    1. Mike,

      I am so pleased that you have had the opportunity to share your life experience. God has truly called you to bring a POWERFUL testimony. I admire your resilience, as you press for that Mark of Victory over sin (1John 3:9), while clothed with the Righteousness of Christ (Philippians 3:9-11).

      Sabbay 🙂
      Lift up Jesus Christ

  2. Dear Sister, I want to thank you so very much for the review coming from you it is such a compliment. I have had terrible depression in my life and my prayers to our Blessed Mother have always were such a comfort. I have endured ECT just a month ago that ended and I know but for the grace of God that I am well and hospitalized and finally after three years of being a recluse I am leaving my home and everyday I thank God. In fact it was being house bound that led me to so many others like me. I know that I should not say it but all my life my mother said even as a child I would do random acts of kindness. I remember being in the grocery with my mother and our cart was full and I saw an old bent over woman with only a loaf of bread I felt so sorry I began to put food in her cart and my mother explained and I realized at age three there were people who needed help so to this day and online is a great medium always a random act of kindness and I know that all the good comes back you just being my friend is that fact. Sister also on this internet there is so much evil so many predators I have had problems with maybe because I am too trusting. If I could my fight would be to try to get the pedophiles off of here and what a difficult task I just recently turned someone in to the FBI Internet tip site which is a great thing. You being on Stumbleupon has touched my life and my faith you will touch so many. If there is anything you need any assistance just ask I am here.God bless you Sister and thank you again for the most valued review I have ever have. God bless and Keep you. Kelly

    1. Kelly,

      We are living in a very sinful world that should be quarantined, thus nothing surprises me in the last days of Earth’s history. I am so happy however, that you felt spiritually led to share your testimony. I am inviting you to also read a book entitled “The Ministry of Healing” which can be read online on the site; simply click on

      God loves you and He is your source of Eternal Truth and Life!
      Your sister in Yeshua,

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