What is Justification by Faith ?

by Dionne Sabbay Thompson December 27 2008

The precious message of JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH presented at the General Conference in Minneapolis in 1888 set forth the beginning of the THE LOUD CRY OF THE THIRD ANGEL  and the Latter Rain; the Holy Spirit’s outpouring (Hosea 6:3; Joel 2:23; Zech 10:1; James 5:7; Romans 5:1;  Review & Herald, Sept. 3rd, 1889; Nov. 22nd, 1892;  Testimonies to Ministers p. 91,92). Thus we understand that exactly fourty-four years following Christ’s entrance into the Most Holy Place (Oct 22, 1844), at the end of the 2300 year prophecy, we were sent a POWERFUL message from God. Undoubtedly, we are in the anti-typical day of atonement: Christ is our Passover Lamb (1Cor 5:7). Such a message, represented at a Camp Meeting in Rome, New York, is a message of God, bearing divine credentials ” for its fruit is unto holiness” Review and Herald Sept 3, 1889, 1 Selected Messages 359.1). To Sanctify means to make Holy, thus God expects nothing less than our advancement in holiness, through the Righteousness of Christ (Phil 3:9).

Event: 1888 Minneapolis General Conferece

The Review and Herald (Sept 3,1889) described God’s Justification by Faith Message, as WATER, quenching the thirst of those who eagerly sought the Messiah’s provisions, highlighting the fact that “the righteousness of Christ is imputed to us, not because of any merit on our part, but as a free gift from God…”. Such a blessing to know that our (Food) Manna, the Word of God, is sure, as we, God’s children are promised coriander seed, honey wafers (Exo 16:31, John 6:58, Rev 2:17). Thus, we being fed the Heavenly MANNA must develop a geniune hatred or abhorrence for sin (Review and Herald March 18, 1890).

The entire world will be taught about the precious message of Righteousness by faith: every nation, kindred, tongue and people will know of the eternal power of the Everlasting Gospel, LESSONS ON FAITH  (Romans 1:16,17; Phil 3:9; Rev 14:6,7). God, in all fairness, will allow this precious message to reach all, even those who are in distant societies, not well known to mankind (Isa 45:21). The continents of: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica will be exposed to this precious light, as the Messiah wishes that none were lost (John 3:16,17). God’s work will not return to Him void, as He promises that there will be a remnant, manifesting His character and fruits (Exo 20, Isa 55:11;Matt 5:48. Gal 5:22,23; Rev 14:1-5). Let us be found blameless and faultless, guile-free, manifesting unstained, mark-free garments for our Savior who overcame the world for all mankind (John 16:33, 1Thess 5:23, Jude:24,25; Rev 14:1-5). Be encouraged saints, as we advance in Sanctification, looking unto Glorification, when our Savior shall return, crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords, promising overcomers a seat at His throne (2Peter 3:12-14, Rev 3:21,19:11).

6 Replies to “What is Justification by Faith ?”

  1. I would like to share with you the Orthodox teaching concerning salvation to the best of my ability. Perhaps you can, in turn, enlighten me on the teachings of the SDA on this subject.

    We, being human, are finite in our essence. We are beings created by God. God, on the other hand, is infinite in essence. This infinite essence is a mystery which will always be beyond our comprehension. Even though we can have everlasting life in heaven, there is still a time where we didn’t yet exist. We can never understand what it is like to be uncreated because only God knows this. When we speak of the Holy Trinity (or Godhead if you prefer), We speak of three persons who are one in essence.

    How then can we know God? We can know Him through his energies/activities (energia in New Testament Greek). These energia are better known as God’s grace. It is only by God’s grace that we can do His will. It is only by God’s grace that we can receive the gift of faith in the first place. Not everyone has the gift of faith and it is not because that gift is in short supply! Those of us who have faith can always use a little more. One of the chief reasons we sin is lack of faith. We see that even the disciples, at one time, lacked the faith to drive out demons and they were hand picked by Christ to be pastors! Like faith, the ability to do God’s will, comes only through God’s grace. With God’s grace we have the faith and ability to do Godly deeds.

    Philippians 2:13 literally translated states: “For it is God [Who is] energizing in you all both to will and to energize for the sake of [His] being pleased”*

    We cannot earn our way into heaven. But if we humble ourselves God will gradually transform is into his image and likeness.

    2 Corinthians 3:18
    “All of us, gazing with unveiled face on the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, as from the Lord who is the Spirit.

    Often times Greek theologians use the term theosis to describe this process But what it really is is the biblical concept of becoming a partaker of the divine nature.

    2 Peter 1:4 States: “Precious and very great promises have been granted to us, that through these you may become partakers of the divine nature.”

    So we see salvation as an on-going process, a synergistic relationship with God. We also believe it possible for one to turn his back on salvation and become evil. Many protestants do not believe that this is possible. But we Orthodox firmly believe in free will.

    *Translation of Philippians 2:13 is from an essay from Orchid Land Publications entitled ‘Energy in the New Teatament and in Later Theology. I consider it ‘fair use’ under copyright law.

    Peace and blessings in Christ,


    1. Brock,

      Thanks for your time and comment. As a fourth-generation Seventh-day Adventist, my views on our beliefs has evolved over time. Firstly, SDAs belief that Sin is non-compliance to the Ten Commandments, the Decalogue, containing God’s sanctified SABBATH governing HEAVEN and EARTH (Exo 20, 1John 3:4). Such an allegiance to Divine truth, will be the focus for those who dare to be like the Prophet Daniel and the Three Hebrews, standing for Christ, our Faithful True Witness.

      The remnant, God’s harvest must be ripe, His character must be fully reproduced within us, leading into His return to claim us as His own. We must not fixate only on the three angel’s messages but, we must also focus on producing the character of Christ found in Revelations 14:1-5, having guile-free mouths and blemish-free garments. As it appears throughout the course of the history of the Adventist World, teachers have been focused solely on Revelations 14:6-12, failing to produce the Character perfect harvest ripeness that is required for Christ to reap His harvest (Rev 14:14-20). If the the body of Christ has not fully reproduced the character of Christ without spot or wrinkle, then the harvest will not be ripe and Christ can not return for His remnant or harvest (Ephesians 4:12-13, 5:27, Revelations 14:4).

      An indicator that one has the gospel of Christ is inherent Character Perfecting goals, a reproduction of the gospel within one’s life. The Apostle Paul edifies that the gospel is not just a theory, but it is the power of God unto all who believe, applied to salvation, delivering us from sin (Romans 1:16-17). If we are not gaining the victory over sin through the righteousness of Christ then we need to ask ourselves, DO WE TRULY HAVE THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL? Our focus must be on the first five verses of Revelations 14 revealing that character perfecting and victory over sin goes beyond the confines of a theoretical study, thus validating John the revelator’s vision of the remnant standing on Mount Zion (Revelations 14:1). Thus, the 144,000 through Christ’s righteous robe are required to reproduce and experience the life of Christ while here on earth (John 16:33).

      We must follow the KJV Bible, as in it contains the embodiment of the life of Christ the Messiah.

      Sabbay 🙂
      Lift up Jesus Christ

  2. Sabbay,

    I do know that the precious message of Justification by faith or Righteousness by faith is a last day message and the Third Angel’s message (Philippians 3:9, Testimonies to Ministers page 91-92). I will admit that the Loud cry has been purposefully omitted by the SDA Organization, who since 1888 rejected the Righteousness by faith message by Jones and Waggoner and the Loud Cry which is synonomous with the Loud Cry or the Latter Rain (Hosea 6:3, Joel 2:23, Zechariah 10:1, James 5:7, Revelations 18:1-5).


  3. Sabbay,

    The precious message of Justification by Faith is the end time Message (Philippians 3:9). Elders Jones and Waggoner presented this at the 1888 Minneapolis Seventh-day Adventist Organization’s General Conference and it was the onset of Latter Rain and the Loud Cry. Even though the SDA Organization rejected this truth, remaining in Laodicea, I am in full agreement (Revelation 18:1-4, Testimonies to Ministers & Gospel Workers pg. 91-92).

  4. Sabbay,

    I truly believe that Justication by Faith will be the last day message, Righteousness by Faith, the Third Angel’s Message (Revelation 14:9-12, Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers pg. 91-92).

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